Building Systems Commissioning 

The NEBB Building Systems Commissioning (BSC) program affords assurance to building owners, architects, engineers and other agents that systems, sub-systems, equipment and interfaces with other building systems are installed, tested, and are operating in compliance with contract documents and within the scope of design requirements. Moreover,


NEBB Certification in Building Systems Commissioning provides firms highly competent in their field and promotes proper execution of projects by insuring compliance with NEBB procedural standards.


The Building Systems Commissioning program builds upon NEBB’s knowledge and expertise in certifying firms in various disciplines in the HVAC industry. The NEBB Procedural Standards for Building Systems Commissioning provides comprehensive guidance to a systematic development and implementation of commissioning. It describes organization, planning, procedures and methods to verify and document that performance of building systems is (or is not) in conformance with building specifications and contract documents.